Who We Are

Bencus Marketing Solutions is a Tanzanian owned and managed digital marketing firm established to bridge the technological gap in Tanzania Business Arena and connect Tanzanian businesses to the world through information technology.

The firm is built up with marketing and business professionals together with information technology exparts dedicated to lead the digital marketing revolution in Tanzania.

Our History

  • Research findings inspired our founder to develop a plan to start a business consultancy firm to assist local entreprenuers to expand their business horizon at low cost.
  • Bencus and Asociates Consulting was established, the consulting firm focused on small and medium sized businesses in Tanzania.
  • Bencus And Associates hits its peak in small and medium sized enterprises. Clients recommende we build digital marketing platform and handle digital marketing strategies for them.
  • Bencus Marketing Solutions was established as a digital marketing solutions provider with its very own SMS Marketing and website hosting platform along with in house web design, social media and search engine experts.
  • Bencus Marketing Solutions made an upgrade on SMS Marketing latform and launched Email Marketing Platform

Social Responsibilities

As individuals and as a company Bencus Marketing Solutions understand that there is a group in the society that need help and we believe we are obligated to help. We have a sustainable social responsibility policy and plans that aim at reaching as many needful groups as possible. For the meantime, Bencus Marketing Solutions has the following Social Responsibility program,

Some of these programs are already in execution and some are in the processe of going live.